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Paul Janzen

Paul Janzen has always enjoyed research and education and has a passion for excellence.  The son of a local doctor and retired registered nurse, he grew up in the Northwest focused on his future and learning the tools necessary to become successful in his career.  He was meticulously homeschooled for the majority of his life until beginning his journey to become an attorney – a career path he was drawn to at an early age.

After graduating with a degree in history, he attended law school where he met Caroline and shortly after they were married and started a family. 

Paul was taught growing up that no matter what you choose to do with your life, you should do something that makes a positive impact on people and the community as a whole.   Paul spent many summers on his grandfather's farm where he learned the value of hard work and endless stamina. The legal field is the perfect avenue for him to use his valuable work ethic to fulfil his passion for justice and his innate desire to ensure people are afforded their constitutional rights.  

Much like his business partner and wife, Caroline, Paul feels honored to represent the people who hire Janzen Legal Services LLC.  Paul openly admits that he may not have all the answers to every legal situation that may arise, but he has spent his life honing in on the educational skills necessary to figure out solutions to almost any situation.  The combination of his intellectual abilities and Caroline's common sense approach makes them the perfect team.

When Paul is not at the office, you can find him spending time with his wife, Caroline, their six year old daughter, and the family dog, Jasper.  Paul also enjoys the outdoors, gardening, and maintaining the skills he learned growing up as an Eagle Scout.


  • Paul and Caroline Janzen are amazing lawyers!

    Paul and Caroline Janzen are amazing lawyers! They really fight for the underdog and those in need when no one else will! They assisted me and my fiancé with a slum lord situation that we were overwhelmed by, and have helped us every step of the way through the difficult process. We had tried to ...
  • I recently needed legal assistance in the Portland area.

    I recently needed legal assistance in the Portland area. I found the Janzen Legal Service through the Probate Court website, and found them to be professional and accommodating to what I needed. I reside in the Midwest and didn't know anyone in the area. Mr. Janzen was personable, focused, and co...
  • wholeheartedly recommend Janzen Legal Services...

    I wholeheartedly recommend Janzen Legal Services to represent you with your legal issues. Paul and his team handled my landlord-tenant dispute efficiently and professionally with the best outcome I could have hoped for. I wouldn't hesitate to use Janzen Legal Services again.

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