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Caroline Janzen

Caroline Janzen became an attorney later in life after her father, a prominent attorney on the East Coast, passed away.  She wanted to carry on his legacy of advocating for people on issues that are near and dear to her heart.  The passion she has for law and the clients she represents is a family trait and her father would be proud to know that she is carrying on his legacy.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Caroline had a successful career as a mortgage broker.  Once the real estate market crashed in 2008, she opened, owned, and operated a successful dog daycare and dog walking business until she chose to study abroad and then return to the US to attend law school.  Her pre-law life experience is a trait that allows her to bring common sense and reason to often emotional and unreasonable situations.  She is a natural problem solver, people person, and a straight shooter.  She does not just tell clients what they want to hear; she tells them the reality – good or bad.

Caroline feels honored to represent the people who hire Janzen Legal Services LLC, a firm she founded with her husband, whom she met while attending law school.  She coined the phrase “Rugged Law” when referring to the firm to reflect her passion and the fact that she “ruggedly” represents every person whom she has the honor to represent.  She does not take any of her clients for granted and knows that there are numerous lawyers someone could choose to represent them.  When a client chooses her, she considers that an honor and works tirelessly to make sure that it is a decision they know was a good one.  She strives to make sure that she builds relationships with clients that are long-lasting and that they are confident in calling her anytime they, a friend, or a loved one has a legal question or situation that they need assistance with.  She is accessible to her clients day and night – weekdays and weekends.

When Caroline is not at the office, you can find her spending time with her husband, their six year old daughter and the family dog, Jasper. She is also an avid guitar player and enjoys music of all genres.

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