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Caroline Janzen


Ms. Janzen is a member of the Oregon Bar Association. Her principal areas of practice are landlord / tenant, estate planning, probate, and business law. Janzen Legal Services, LLC is a strong advocate for tenants' rights.

Ms. Janzen is an alumni of Regent University School of Law. Regent University has a distinctive constitutional law program. This robust program teaches the Constitution from many perspectives. In most law schools, the constitution is referred to, and taught, as a "living, breathing document" and its original language is often supplanted with modern interpretations. What is seemingly benign can, in fact, infringe upon people's fundamental liberties. At Janzen Legal Services, LLC, it is one of our highest priorities that the original Constitution is upheld and individual liberties are held intact for generations to come.

Ms. Janzen is committed to defending people from every walk of life who find themselves suffering injustice or are in need of defense. One of the firm's goals is to create a civics education forum to reacquaint those who are interested with the value of the constution in its original meaning. A modern popular notion is that the foundation of our great country is multiculturalism. The real foundation of the United States is the Constitution. It is the Constitution in its original meaning that affords rights that lead to a society that is rich in diversity.

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