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Our firm deals with estate planning and business law in Oregon.

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There are numerous circumstances when it is best to have an experienced lawyer by your side. Whether you're starting a business or planning your estate, call an attorney. Janzen Legal Services tailors custom solutions to your unique situation. You need a compassionate lawyer who listens, cares and takes action when you're involved with:

  • Estate planning, including probate, wills and trusts
  • Business law, including incorporation, group mergers and acquisitions
  • Constitutional law litigation, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and civil rights violations


Janzen Legal Services can help when you're dealing with anything from planning your estate to business law. You need a compassionate estate planning lawyer who understands the sensitive nature of the entire will or trust process. Whether you need someone to stand for you in court or you need questions answered, we're here to help.

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